BMW 2009 3-series coupe (e92) European Delivery Journey

We will pick up our BMW 328xi sometime soon in Munich and spend 2 weeks driving around Europe. Track our planning and preparations here.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Got my VIN... and some doubts...

I called BMW NA to check if they can tell me where my car is being built. The person on the other side apologized and said that this info was not available but, surprise surprise, he had my VIN which he gave me!

The problem arouse when I asked if it was normal to have my car being built so far in advance on this forum. The answers I got, especially from Irv made me worried. Unfortunately, Alex has his Blackberry turned off and the voicemail greeting says he is on vacation until next Wednesday. Oh well, while he enjoys his time off, I will be awaiting anxiously his return to confirm if everything is OK and on track. We will see, I am keeping my fingers crossed!

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