BMW 2009 3-series coupe (e92) European Delivery Journey

We will pick up our BMW 328xi sometime soon in Munich and spend 2 weeks driving around Europe. Track our planning and preparations here.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Prodution completed!

"Your vehicle production is complete and is waiting to be released to the carrier." - the voice on the other side of the telephone line made my heart race! It has been completed! Yay! The only thing left to do is to pick it up from Munich... and pay for it. :)

Other news: Purchase order has been signed and notarized (it is always great to have a Notary Public in your immediate family!). It has also been sent to my CA. The turnaround time: less than 20 hours.

Blog news: thanks to a friend of mine Peter, the blog has a new header image! Good job Peter, thanks!

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