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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Third round

Back in mid December '08 we decided to take another look at the BMW, since the 09s were in! We went to the local BMW dealer in Hartford, CT. After reading some disappointing reviews I didn't have high hopes when we arrived. It turned out I was right. The customer service was sub-par, car inventory was limited and we left the dealership with a bad vibe. The sales guy knew some facts about the car, but I got the feeling he was just doing his job, in fact didn't even drive a BMW (I guess he mentioned Porsche) and on top of this his communication skills were lacking.

We managed, however, to test drive the 328xi sedan and the 335xi coupe. We liked the sedan, it felt like a grown-up kind of car. And then there was a coupe. Great car for two people, wide doors, comfortable seats, awesome looking swooping roof line. It was much more hip and fun. We fell in love, my wife just nodded with a smile. I knew I was going to get it.

Then, on the New Year's eve I took a friend of mine, for a kind of peer review, and we test drove a BMW x-Series in the fresh, powdery, unplowed snow, and the combination of ABS, DSC and TC was magnificent. After about 20 minutes behind a wheel combined, we left with a great feel for the electronics in the vehicle in the snow. It felt playful and controllable. Predictable and safe. And I got an OK from my friend, he liked how it handled, praised tight turns and great grip.

We went back in and asked for a quote. I told I want to lease a 335xi coupe, with European Delivery, Premium, Sport and Cold Weather packages and some other little perks. The monthly payment came just shy of $1000. Way too much for me. I do not know how he arrived with that price, but in my opinion it was outrageous. I asked if there is any haggling possible, which met a firm "No" so I thanked politely and we were on our way. I haven't spoke with them since...

I guess, I appreciate Bimmerfest's philosophy, when it comes to choosing a dealer: try your local first, then try one of the board's sponsor. This is what I did and I am really satisfied.

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