BMW 2009 3-series coupe (e92) European Delivery Journey

We will pick up our BMW 328xi sometime soon in Munich and spend 2 weeks driving around Europe. Track our planning and preparations here.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Tickets have been bought!

The time has come to block out vacations at work. We put our requests and got approved today. So, not to lose another minute, I called Lufthansa. I purchased two round-trip non-stop tickets from Newark, NJ to Munich, Germany. Yay! I still have to reconfirm them one month prior to departure and give Lufthansa the production number. If I decide to change anything, the tickets will get repriced. We got a great deal, about 40% cheaper than 2 non-stop, round-trip tickets on Orbitz.

Now, we can start packing.

How big is e92's trunk? Enough for my wife's luggage? I am totally unsure...

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Anonymous said...

Take your luggage to local dealer and ask to check with the same car as yours.
Note: if empty luggage feet - it's doesn't mean your packed luggage will feet also